I started this as a news and updates page, but I chatted on so much I have been reliably informed by my IT department that its a BLOG (but I still I think diary is better!)

ADDED: 15/02/2019

Welcome to the first diary entry of 2019!

There has been a lot going on here at Dee-Daw Towers.  I have had an ongoing battle with my website provider over my (lack of) shop facilities. This has now been resolved but means I need to create a whole new site then switch my current site off - (it will still have the same address - so there will be no difference for customers - its just the 'backstage' stuff that I have to do!) So as I have not had time to do it yet - my old website (this one) operates with a catalogue of items that people can email me to buy - click on the blue link to view the catalogue in a new window: Dee-Daw Designs catalogue

On the plus side: I am producing some amazing new things with my 3D printer, and I am most proud of EVE my first 3D printed doll! 


As mentioned on the home page: She is now available to order in any pose, hair colour or costume - even sitting in the bath! - as unlike porcelain or soft bodied dolls she can be made with no visible joints between body and arms or legs, or neck and body.

The 3D printed body is painted, wigged and dressed by me and is my own design exclusive to Dee-Daw Designs.

Prices depend on costume and pose required but start at £79 for a doll like Eve (pictured above). I am currently working on an Adam to go with Eve, and hopefully some 'wrinklies' after that!

I will be putting more about eve on the 3D printing pages as soon as I can grab a mo! I already have commissions for her (including one in the bath!) so watch out for more pictures of her in various guises soon!